Bitplay ARCHI

About This Project

Bitplay brings innovative ideas together with the dreams and fantasy of our childhood to deliver products that are, simply put, fun and inspiring.

As we grow older and slowly drift away the idyllic times of our youth, we tend to forget the simplicity of having fun, and the sense of satisfaction that we all easily found as children merely with even the simplest of playthings in our hands. Life as a grown-up can often seem like a monotonous whole of routines and toil, as we trudge along in search for something different and creative to delight our daily routines.

bitplay understands that what people want is actually very simple — to have fun and to be inspired. bitplay integrates imagination into an offering with some fun and surprise, combining creative ideas with innovative technology. Start exploring bitplay’s products. You will feel the difference, and even make a difference in your life.